The year of Energy Champions

Alice Solar City declared 2012 the Year of Energy Champions.

We all love a champion, whether it be in sport, school or at work. At Alice Solar City, we love to celebrate Energy Champions and we reckon Alice Springs has more than its fair share of them. We talk to them every day and we are inspired by the energy savings they have achieved at home and in business.

Some have saved over 60% since joining Alice Solar City!

That is why we declared 2012 the Year of Energy Champions. Running from March 2012 (our 4th Birthday!) to March 2013, we celebrated the achievements of the Alice Springs community and the households and businesses who have been quietly making big changes in the way they use and think about energy.

How the Alice Springs Community got involved

Joining the Wall of Champions

Households and individuals who had a story to tell about their journey with Alice Solar City could nominate to join Alice Solar City’s online Wall of Champions. More than 50 households and businesses were celebrated as Energy Champions throughout the year. Click here to find out more and to check out the Wall of Champions.

Cheer on our Energy Challenge participants

Twenty Seven households took part in our residential Energy Challenge, making a public commitment to a 10% or 20% reduction in electricity consumption. Read about how they had planned to make the reduction and be inspired to think about a target you could set your household. 

Nine businesses also participated in our commercial energy challenge, proving that saving energy makes good business sense.