Wall of champions

We are inspired by the efforts of our Energy Champion customers, and would like to show Alice Springs what can be achieved by everyday members of our community. We hope that the stories will inspire households and businesses to look at ways they too can make savings.

For further inspiration, read our residential and business case studies, and check out the participants in our residential and commercial energy challenge competitions.

What is an Energy Champion?

Geoff and Jenny Kenna

 Geoff and Jenny joined Alice Solar City in 2008 as some of the earliest participants in the project.

Ed Nicholson and Emily Webster

Emily and Ed consistently use less than half of the average Alice Springs household electricity use. "We bought an ex-government hotbox in Northside without...

Framptons First National Real Estate

Framptons first registered with Alice Solar City back in August 2008 and since that time have achieved around a 40% reduction in their net energy...

Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza is widely recognised as an energy champion particularly due to their iconic rooftop solar array that produces up to 80% of the hotel’s power...

Matt, Danielle, Leo and Scarlett Campbell

"We have been members of Alice Solar city for over three years, and have made a range of changes to our house and our behaviour since.

Randle Walker

 Randle became an Alice Solar City customer in 2009 and after his home energy survey carried out the following actions:

Haven Resort

Haven Resort in conjunction with their landlord Rubino’s Pty Ltd, have recently installed two key energy efficiency measures at this popular backpacker hostel...

Arid Lands Environment Centre

It comes with no surprise that the team at Arid Lands Environment Centre are strongly committed to reducing energy consumption at their base in East Side....

Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre

The inspired team at Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre are passionate about sustainable living!

Alice Dental Associates

Alice Dental Associates have cut 10% off their electricity bill since joining Alice Solar City in January 2012. This great result has been achieved by...

Jodie Clarkson and Scott Pullyblank

Since joining Alice Solar City in 2009, Jodie and Scott have reduced their total electricity consumption by over 15% to achieve a daily consumption well...

Grant and Coral Allan

Coral and Grant are long time low energy users. Their average daily consumption prior to signing up with Alice Solar City was 5.5 kWh per day.

Zone A Architects

Zone A Architects have reduced their energy costs by around 60% per annum since joining the ASC commercial program in January 2009.

Mbantua Gallery

Mbantua Gallery wanted to reduce the running costs of their extensive display lighting, so joined Alice Solar City in June 2012. An energy efficiency lighting...

Piggly’s Supermarket

Piggly’s Supermarket has sliced over 10% off their annual air-conditioning, lighting and refrigeration costs by undertaking a number of actions including: •...

Alice Springs Child Care Centre

Alice Springs Child Care Centre has actioned a number of energy efficiency measures since joining Alice Solar City in May 2010.

Cassandra Douglas-Hill & William Durack

"Living in share houses in Brisbane we never had the luxury of air con or heating. Queenslanders are not really well made and so we got used to living...

Tangentyere Constructions

Tangentyere Constructions have implemented a number of measures to reduce energy consumption including painting their roof white to reduce cooling costs and...

Afghan Traders

Afghan Traders have taken action to reduce energy consumption by painting their roof white to minimise heat gain into their store and reduce the cooling load...

Alicetronics & iGear

Hunter and the Team at Alicetronics and iGear have now replaced all of their old magnetically ballasted T8 fluorescent tubes in both stores with LED T8 tubes.

Craig & Deborah Kaesler

Our electricity consumption has been low since I worked as an auditor for CoolMob 5-6 years back.  To maintain our low consumption we:

Neata Glass & Aluminium

Neata Glass & Aluminium has cut over 35% off their annual air-conditioning and lighting costs.

Ange and Tim Day

Since their home energy survey in December 2009, Angela and Tim have reduced their power bills by almost 20%, and have done so just by changing how they use...

Easy Carwash

As a 24 hour business, Easy Carwash faced a high annual lighting bill, so the owners approached Alice Solar City for advice.

Matt & Anna

Matthew has been a part of the Alice Solar City program since 2009.

YHA Alice Springs

YHA Alice Springs has taken action to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint through an effective combination of energy efficiency and renewable energy...

David & Asher Havercroft & Sal Ward

The single biggest difference to our energy consumption has come through replacing the old electric hot water system with a solar hot water system.

Gordon and Dee Over

Gordon and Dee had a home energy survey in November 2010, when their electricity consumption averaged around 18.3 KWh per day.

Jodie Milton & Evan Muir

Jodie and Evan had a home energy survey in May of 2011 and had a follow up survey a year later to remind them of previous Alice Solar City recommendations...

Karen Montey

Karen has been a member of the Alice Solar City team as well as a residential customer since 2009 and has been "practising what we preach".

Inland Electrical

Inland Electrical have shown leadership within the Alice Springs commercial sector by investing in both thermal performance and energy efficiency initiatives...

Centralian Records Management

After their energy survey in December 2011, Centralian Records Management actioned the following measures with the aim of a net zero energy building: •...

Brendan and Caroline Cook

Brendan and Caroline joined Alice Solar City and had an energy survey in March 2011, after purchasing a new house that previously had a high summer power...

Outback Photographics

Steve Strike from Outback Photographics knew his gallery lighting was costing a small fortune to run each day but was unsure about a more energy efficient...

Chris and Biggi Gosling

After having our intital home energy survey we had a follow up survey to help us identify further ways to reduce our electrcity consumption, and have...

Ben Wall and Neridah Stockley

It has been fantastic being part of the Alice Springs Solar City Program.

Alice Motor Inn

Alice Motor Inn has achieved real bottom line business savings through their commitment to energy efficiency and solar power.

Measures implemented...

Marteena McKenzie, Roman and Ernie Micairan

Since our home Alice Solar City home energy audit in 2009, we have saved hundreds of dollars on our power bills, even with the arrival of a new baby in the...

Steve & Ursula Sawyer

Steve and Ursula Sawyer have halved their power consumption over the past 3 years by making a number of changes to their home, including:

Charlie Carter and Deborah Clarke

By installing solar hot water, and a pool cover(which has allowed them to reduce the time they need to run the pool pump)Charlie and Deborah have been able...

Pete Duncan

Since having his home energy survey three years ago Pete has insulated and painted his roof white, installed solar hot water and installed a solar PV...

Milner Meat & Seafood

Milner Meat & Seafood have tackled rising energy costs with a range of actions that have reduced their consumption by 15%, including:

Sue Fielding and Jenny Taylor

We have taken advantage of nearly every opportunity to implement changes offered by Alice Solar City through their voucher incentive program.

David Nish

David and his wife are careful users of energy (and water).

Sue Gregory and John Bermingham

We have always been relatively low energy users.

Lynn Day

Despite working from home, Lynn maintains a very low level of energy consumption, averaging 4kWh per day since her home energy survey in July 2008.

Eddie Fabijan

We built a new home that has significantly reduced our energy consumption from our previous home.

Ruth Primrose

Ruth is conscious of the impact her lifestyle has on the sustainability of
the planet. To save energy, she has purchased more energy efficient

Donna Anthes

When I bought a house in Alice, the first electricity bill was a huge shock compared with what we were used to, in fact it was close to four times the cost...

Jude Mapleson

Since having her home energy survey with Alice Solar City, Jude has reduced her electricity consumption from 9.7kWh per day to 5.2kWh per day.

Alice Springs!

2.5% of Alice Springs power is now generated by solar and one quarter of all households have had an energy survey.

Alice Springs Reptile Centre

The Alice Springs Reptile Centre has reduced energy use by 20% and achieved eco-tourism accreditation.

Marian and Roland Maddocks

The Maddocks have claimed back $1,000 on their power bills and cut energy use by 58%.

Tim and Lisa Hill

Since their energy survey in September 2008, the Hill family of five have reduced their electricity consumption by over 30%. It is a family effort and has...