Three Hundred Homes to Become Smarter

Almost 300 householders in Alice Springs will become smarter with their energy use from this week when new Alice Solar City In-house Displays are installed, allowing them to monitor their energy consumption and CO2 emissions every day.
It is part of the Cost Reflective Tariff (CRT) trial which many residents chose to participate in as part of their involvement with Alice Solar City.
“Having this information at their fingertips is something that has not been possible before, and thanks to the Alice Solar City project, Alice Springs is one of the few places in the country where this sort of technology is being trialed”, says Alice Solar City General Manager Brian Elmer
“Trying to save energy in your home using an in-house display is a bit like driving a car with a speedo – you know where you stand and it tells you when you should lift your foot off the accelerator, or in this case, curb your energy use.”
“Currently there are 270 households in Alice Springs that have changed from being charged a flat rate for their electricity consumption, to a peak / off-peak pricing structure instead.”
This means their power costs more during peak periods (9am – 6pm Monday to Friday) than in off-peak periods (6pm – 9am), encouraging them to ‘shift’ their power use, which in turn aims to reduce the peak load on the town’s generator.
“The In-house Display will help them make more informed decisions about when they choose to use their electricity and give them live information about their overall electricity consumption.”

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