Alice Solar City Incentives

Alice Solar City provided a number of financial incentives for Alice Springs residents who are committed to being energy champions through a voucher system.  

The vouchers offered eligible householders who had undertaked approved energy efficiency measures a discount of up to 35% up to set caps when having work undertaken by suppliers/installers that are listed on a Registered Suppliers List.

The list of measures that attracted a financial incentive has been tailored to the Alice Springs climate and all of them are designed to help make homes more comfortable, reduce energy costs for home owners and reward people who use less energy.  

To access an incentive residents must have signed up with Alice Solar City and had a Home Energy Survey carried out. In order to be eligible for the incentive, each measure had be approved by your Alice Solar City auditor, and a voucher issued, before the work was undertaken. Alice Solar City was not able to offer retrospective rebates on actions taken prior to a voucher being issued or after a voucher has expired.   To be eligible to recevie the incentive the actions must have been undertaken by the expiry date of the voucher.

Financial Incentives or discounts covered the following measures:

Each Incentive was only granted once for any particular Residential Property for the duration of ASC.

To see the full list of residential incentives that were available and the funding  that was applicable for each measure, see here.  You can read the Residential Terms and Conditions associated with the incentives here. 

Alice Solar City incentive vouchers were only valid for goods and services supplied and installed by a company on the Alice Solar City Registered Suppliers List.  

Other Alice Solar City offers

Cost Reflective Tariff trial

Alice Solar City was also conducting a trial that invovles participants moving from a flat rate electricity tariff, to a peak and off-peak arrangement – known as the Cost Reflective Tariff. This trial has now ended.  Find out more.

A cash reward for saving energy – the 10:10 / 20:20 incentive

Saving energy means saving money on your bills, its that simple.  But to make saving energy even more appealling, Alice Solar City rewarded participants who were able to reduce their electricity consumption (after joining up with Alice Solar City) with a discount off their next bill.  Find out more.