10:10/20:20 Incentive

What was the 10:10/20:20 incentive

The 10/10:20/20 incentive rewarded residents who reduced their energy use with discounts on elA Power Billectricity bills. And the more they were able to reduce their electricity use, the more money they saved.

If they reduced their electricity consumption by 10% or more compared to the consumption for the same billing period of the previous year, Alice Solar City credited their next bill by 10%. If they reduced their average daily use by 20% or more they received a 20% credit.

Residents were able to claim the 10:10/20:20 rebate from the first complete billing period after they had registered with Alice Solar City. They must also have lived in the same house and had electricity bills under their name for the corresponding quarter of the previous year to be able to make the claim.

The 10:10/20:20 rebate was calculated on the daily average electricity consumption measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) and the amount paid was based on the value of electricity saved. 

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