How Residents got involved and became Energy Champions

There are many simple things residents can do to start reducing energy use and save money on your electricity bills.  The changes made will not only benefit you, they will also make a difference to the community and the environment and in a time when energy costs are rising and there is greater awareness of environmental issues, they will also help increase the value of your home. 

Under our residential program which has now ended, Alice Solar City helped residents to reduce their electricity consumpiton by providing them with:

A set of residential customer terms and conditions  were maintained that covered interactions through the residential incentive program.

The first step for residents to take advantage of these services was to come into the Smart Living Centre and register.

During registration one of our friendly staff would:

  • Tell you more about our services and incentives
  • Ask you to complete a short survey about your energy saving behaviors and attitudes.
  • Find out the kind of initiatives you would like to implement
  • Book you in for your home energy survey.
  • Ask you to sign a registration report agreeing to our terms and conditionsand giving permission to Power and Water to release your energy consumption data to us. 

After the survey incentive vouchers were posted out  for the energy saving measures that were recommended to you. The incentive vouchers provided discounts of up to 35% of the cost of undertaking those energy saving measures.

Landlord and tenants

Landlords and tenants were also able to register with us. For landlords to take advantage of our incentives, the current tenant needed to register with us and have a home energy survey. After the tenant has had their survey, incentive vouchers  for the energy saving measures that were recommended were posted out. 

New Homes

Residents building a new home can also register with Alice Solar City to take advantage of our services and incentives.

Read more about what was involved with the home energy survey.