30 energy savings ideas for your business

As you can see, there is a huge range of ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs in your business. Below is a number of examples of measures implemented by organisations within Alice Springs to reduce electricity consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Hot Water

  • Install solar hot water or heat pump hot water system
  • Retrofit solar boosting to an existing hot water system
  • Insulate existing hot water piping
  • Maintenance service for existing solar hot water system
  • Replace inefficient urns with insulated timer-controlled boiling water units

Insulation and passive solar design

  • Install bulk insulation and heat reflective foil in roof spaces
  • Paint roofing white
  • Ventilate the building’s ceiling space
  • Retrofit insulation in walls
  • Apply solar tint to unshaded windows
  • Install double glazing


  • Replace halogen down-light systems with energy efficient alternatives
  • Upgrade fluorescent lighting
  • Fit occupancy sensors on lighting
  • Fit daylight sensors/timers on lighting
  • Modify lighting switches and controls to enable switching off of unnecessary lighting
  • Install skylights

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems

  • Install absorption chiller solar air conditioning system
  • Install high efficiency air-conditioning or refrigeration system (to replace or reduce the use of an existing inefficient system)
  • Install air conditioner economiser
  • Review and optimise air-conditioning or refrigeration system (“tune-up and balance”)
  • Install or upgrade a Building energy management control system (BMS)
  • Install personal cooling fans in spaces with personal air conditioning controls
  • Fit seals to doors and windows in air conditioned spaces
  • Repair refrigerator and freezer door seals
  • Fit ceiling mounted return air vent for evaporatively cooled spaces

Appliances and metering

  • Install timers on office equipment
  • Install sub-metering as part of an energy monitoring plan