Araluen Arts Centre Solar Power System

The Araluen Arts Centre is the fifth and final of Alice Solar City’s Iconic projects, comprising a 180 KW rooftop PV system.

The initial installation of 162 KW was completed in November 2012 and was extended by another 18 KW on east facing roof space in March 2013, bringing the building's total capacity to 180 KW.

Designed by CAT Projects and installed by Ingenero Pty Ltd, the full system consists of 720 solar modules, covering almost all available north, east and west facing roof spaces on the main building; over 1100 square metres. The photovoltaic modules from Q.cells are each of 250 Watt capacity, and have a striking all-black finish.

The system is expected to generate 330 MWh of electricity and save 231 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per annum, enough to power 39 Alice Springs homes.

Tim Rollason -Director Araluen Cultural Precinct, Lyndon Frearson, - General Manager CAT Project, Sam Latz - General Manager - Alice Solar City and Paul Rodden -Senior Engineer CAT Projects The Araluen Arts Centre joins the Crowne Plaza, Alice Springs Airport, Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre and the Uterne Solar Power Station to make up the portfolio of large-scale Iconic solar installations around Alice Springs that have been a major component of the Alice Solar City project. 

“This is a very exciting part of the Alice Solar City legacy, and we congratulate the Northern Territory Government and the team at Araluen on maintaining their commitment to Araluen becoming an energy efficient and solar powered centre for the Arts in Alice Springs”, says Alice Solar City General Manager Sam Latz.

Some of the eleven SMA inverters which make the power generated by the system compatible with grid powerEnergy efficiency has also been a focus at Araluen, with the installation of a new, efficient air conditioning system, LED lighting, and a smart device called a ‘power factor corrector’, which will reduce the amount of ‘phantom’ electrical current (required by electrical motors, air‐compressors etc) running during the peak times. An interpretive display within the Arts Centre allows visitors to understand the operation of the solar system and its benefits to the facility.

The makeover is expected to save the Arts Centre around $90,000 a year in energy costs, reducing carbon emissions by more than 200 tonnes a year.

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 The 162 kilowatt array on Araluen covers five rooftops and consists of 648 jet-black monocrystaline Q.CELLS.