Alice Springs Airport

The Alice Springs Airports' 235 KW solar project was the second of the Alice Solar City's five "iconic projects", after the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

In a first for the southern hemisphere, the project incorporates SolFocus technology Solar Power Installation at the Alice Springs Airportwhich utilises an innovative method of concentrating the sun's energy.

Twenty eight concentrating photovoltaic tracking arrays have been constructed on land to the north west of the Alice Springs Airport, feeding electricity into the Alice Springs Airport.

Owned by the Alice Springs Airport, the project is expected to meet approximately 28% of the Airport's electricity needs, and will reduce carbon emissions by around 470 tonnes per annum.

The project was officially opened on 4th November 2010.  

Project Info Sheet

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Alice Springs Airport Media Release

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The site is not open to the public. However, two of the same type of solar arrays that are used at this project are installed and on display as part of the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (on the south Stuart Highway). See here for information about the Solar Centre and other places to see solar technology 'up close' in Alice Springs.

In addition to the solar power station project, Alice Solar City has supported the Alice Springs Airport with a grant of $25,000 to make the terminal more energy-efficient, through measures such as the installation of energy-efficient light globes and motion sensors to control lights and timers. Visit our commercial case studies page for more details.