Iconic Projects

Why are iconic projects part of Alice Solar City?

Alice Solar City has supported and encouraged the development of major “iconic” projects in and around Alice Springs that are playing a major role in making Alice Springs a national and international showcase for sustainable living and the use of renewable energy.

What iconic projects have been developed and what technology do they use?

These projects showcase large scale renewable energy technologies, including a variety of cutting edge solar photovoltaic concentrator and solar thermal technologies. The projects are summarised in the table below.

Project Location / Facility          Project Technology Nominal capacity Annual production Annual greenhouse gas saving (tonnes)
Crowne Plaza Alice Springs  Flat plate PV  305 KW  531 MWh  420
Alice Springs Airport  Dual-axis tracking concentrating PV  235 KW  600 MWh  470
Uterne Solar Power Station  single-axis tracking flat plate PV  969 KW  2300 MWh  1540
Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre  Black pipe solar water heating  1700 sq. m  3450 GJ (offset)  350
Araluen Cultural Precinct  Flat plate PV  180 KW  330 MWh  231