Home Energy Survey

What is a home energy survey?

An Alice Solar City home energy survey was an informal walk through a home to evaluate energy usage and how the resident coul reduce energy consumption. By looking at the physical aspects of the house itself and asking questions about appliance use and lifestyle Alice Solar City was able to understand where and how the energy was used in the home. It was also a great opportunity for the resident to ask questions as well.

The surveys were carried out by our friendly trained and experienced energy auditors who worked with the resident to formulate a plan of action tailored to thier  needs, lifestyle and budget. This included a range of measures both large and small which may be physical or behavioural changes that will help save energy. A personalised energy saving report was printed on the spot so that residents could refer to it later and discuss with the rest of the household.

As part of the Agreement with our main funder (the Australian Government) we  collected some information on the type of appliances and asked some demographic questions. Generally we allowed about 1.5 hours for the survey and someone was need to be home to show the auditor around and answer questions relating to energy consumption.