Congratulations to the winners of our survey prizes

We'd like to congratulate the winners of the prizes for our most recent customer survey, and say thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.

The survey went out to all Alice Solar City customers, and was part of a project-wide analysis of the changes in attitudes and behaviours of our customers over the life of the program. The survey had a good response rate, and the results will form part of Alice Solar City's final reporting and analysis.

Respondents to the survey were put into a random draw for a set of prizes. The first prize was a Cool Ice esky (valued at $200), along with an additional five prize draws of $100 gift vouchers.

Anthony Bindle was the delighted winner of the icebox, and the gift voucher prizes went to:

  • Anna Montgomery
  • Steve Darling
  • Alex Nekrasov
  • Kevin King & Kate Kelly
  • Eleanor Mengel