Commercial Photovoltaic Power Systems

Solar Power Your Business

Creating electricity from the sun can make a lot of sense for your business. Few things say “Green” to your customers as clearly as having panels on your roof converting the sun’s energy into clean electricity.

And with rising energy prices, an investment in solar power will only improve in value over time.

For general information on how it works, visit our residential solar page here.

Commercial PV systems in Alice Springs

Alice Springs Helicopters

Prior to the Alice Solar City launch in March 2008, there were no commercial solar installations in Alice Springs. Since then, we have helped local business install over 2000 KW of panels, generating an estimated 3,200,000 kWh per annum of solar energy and avoiding 2000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Visit the Solar Trail page for details on readily visible systems in Alice Springs.

Businesses who have installed solar power systems with Alice Solar City support include (by install date):

Alice Solar City / Alice Springs Town Council 3.3 KW
Zone A Pty Ltd 3.0 KW
Mt Nancy Motel 12.2 KW
Nashbilt 5.0 KW
GGS Glass & Aluminium 20.2 KW
Alice Springs Helicopters 5.0 KW
MacDonnell Range Caravan Park 10.4 KW
Inland Electrical Pty Ltd 6.8 KW
Tangentyere Council - Youth Services 3.0 KW
Red Centre Communications 3.0 KW
Country Diesel Maintenance Pty Ltd 11.4 KW
Alice Motor Inn 5.0 KW
Olive Pink Botanic Gardens 5.0 KW
Pathdorf B & B 10.0 KW
Elitier Pty Ltd (Owner of 33 Stuart Hwy) 11.4 KW
First National Framptons Real Estate 3.0 KW
Alice Powder Coating 5.0 KW
CMP Electrics 2.3 KW
Alice Springs Reptile Centre 11.4 KW
National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame 5.4 KW
Centre for Appropriate Technology Inc. 17.0 KW
NT Link Pty Ltd 10.5 KW
Earth Sanctuary 10.5 KW
Tailormade Tours 5.3 KW
Alice Springs Veterinary Clinic 15.8 KW
Central Land Council  10.5 KW
Metcash  15.8 KW
Nganampa Health  10.5 KW
Alice Springs Desert Park  16.4 KW
Alice Springs YHA  10.6 KW
Alice Springs Scouts  6.5 KW
Milner Meat Supply  10.1 KW
Alice Springs Town Council Civic Centre  19.4 KW
Alice Springs Town Council Depot  44.8 KW
Red Hot Arts  4.0 KW
Power Water Corporation  21.6 KW
Centralian Records Management 10.3 KW
Desert Dwellers 15.0 KW
TOTAL 411.2 KW